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Traxc is a digital asset consulting and holdings company. Since inception we have helped entrepreneurs secure domain names that best reflect their brand. We help our clients make intelligent decisions in acquiring various digital assets including domains names, web companies and Google & Apple applications by accurately appraising their true value. We find too many times the level of research required to make a purchase is unrealized by our buyers causing them to overpay and our sellers too often undervalue their assets. Moreover, we find that shortcuts in the appraisal and acquisition process are costly in the short and long run to both the buyer and seller. We eliminate those costs by conducting the due diligence necessary to eliminate speculation on behalf of our clients, we bring the facts. To date we’ve saved our clients over 100,000 dollars by overseeing the negotiation process, we’ve contributed to a lot of smiles and deeper pockets. Start making money, start saving, better decision, better results.

What We offer

  1. A portfolio of highly brandable domain names
  2. Free domain listings on our platform
  3. 24/7 support to answer your questions
  4. Domain name appraisals
  5. Hundreds of extensions supported
  6. Oversight in the escrow/transfer process
  7. Up to date information on the regulatory body
  8. Logo, website and marketing material design
  9. Portfolio Maintenance
  10. Downloadable portfolio .csv Excel file
  11. Acquisition and sales support, let us do the talking
  12. Free consultation to buyers and sellers

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